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My boyfriend and I just had the most blazing row over money. We always argue over money and I am not sure what he answer is to the problem. He would love to move in with me as he cannot afford his own place, but I have told that he has to pay half of the bills. He says that he wants to save all of his money so that he can buy his own place. I am not sure that is fair. After all, I bought my own place with my earnings from London escorts, so why should he not help out with bills. This time I told him I wanted his key back and he just threw it at me as he walked on the door. I am so worried that I am going to be in a bad mood for London escorts.

Most of the girls at London escorts know that relationships can be challenging. I think that the worse thing is that the guys we go out with expect us to pay for so much. In a way, I often felt that I have been used in a relationship. That is not a nice feeling at all, and I would so much rather feel like I am genuine partner in a relationship. But none of the guys that I have met since I started to work for London escorts have made me feel like that.

I am not sure how we are going to get things back together again. My boyfriend is a really great guy but I am ending up paying for everything. The other day as I was going into the best escorts in London, we went out for breakfast. As usual, he expected me to pay for everything and that is not really nice at all. I always feel that I am being used and that is not a nice feeling at all to be honest. Recently I have even bought him some clothes and he did not even say thank you. I know he is nice but there is also so much that you can take.

This is kind of a tough situation to find yourself in. Living in London is a nightmare when it comes to rental prices and other expenses but I cannot see why I should pay for my boyfriend’s life. He is more than welcome to move in, but he needs to help out with bills. I can afford them on my own thanks to the best escorts in London website that i work for, but I cannot see why I should sponsor him at all. As a matter of fact, I have no intention of doing that at all. It would simply not be fair and I don’t think that it would make for a long term relationship neither. Perhaps we are better off apart and I should find myself a guy who really wants to be an equal partner with me. However I think that it could very much be a hard task to do that.


Sleeping With An Escort? How To Safeguard Yourself

Today, the world is an unsafe place which has affected even the profession people do as a way of earning a living. There are several risks that one may encounter especially when meeting an escort. This should not hinder you from enjoying a passionate night with a beautiful woman.

Yes, selecting an escort from thousands of profiles on a website is not the best way to get a date especially if you conform to society’s way of dating. It is important to keep in mind that every person deserves a chance to enjoy the same pleasures other people do. Case in point – you have a disabled man who never ventures out of his house. He has no wife because of his inability to date. Through an escort service, he can enjoy sexual pleasure and experience what other people do.

As said earlier, there are many risks especially when it comes to escorts. It is important to safeguard yourself against this risk.

Here are safeguards customers can use to protect themselves when sleeping with an escort.

Use a condom

So, you attended a Sex Ed class in school or a seminar sponsored by a company or non-governmental organization. This does not mean that you should place yourself at risk of contracting STI’s. It is important to arm yourself with a pack of condoms before embarking on your romping journey with an escort. Yes, condoms have been said to be 99.9% effective.

Which is better? Going commando or arming yourself with a bulletproof vest (condom in this case)? Don’t take your chance by going commando. Buy condoms at the nearest pharmacy. Ensure they are not expired or the wrapper is not damaged.

Avoid the bung-hole

So, you watched a porn clip online and now you want to try it. While you may think that having sex via the anus will protect you against STI’s especially with no condom on, think again. Experts have revealed that STI’s are present in all fluids with exception of sweat. I mean – who licks sweat off each other. Unless this is your fantasy, you don’t have to be worried. So, next time you meet with an escort, avoid putting your penis anywhere close to the anus, especially with no condom.

Avoid oral sex

Unless you are sure that the escort is not infected which can only be done via testing, and I doubt one will submit to a test before the romp. It is important to avoid oral sex being performed on you and on the escort by you. This eliminates chances of you coming into contact with fluids from the escort’s body which may contain STI bacteria and viruses.

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